Londela Shishi Talks Raunchy Scene In “Adulting” & Love From Fans

How well do you know Londeka Sishi and the raunchy scenes she previously played? Well, the actress has given some clues into those, her love for her fans and more during a recent chat.

Londeka Shishi had risen to fame from play the role of Nkanyezi in the Showmax reality show “Adulting.” The reception she has gotten from the role is something that gladdens her heart, and she couldn’t be more grateful.

Before she snagged a role on the set of “Adulting,” she was working as a project manager. And when she got the role on the show, she quit her project manager role “with immediate effect,” according to her.

It has been smooth sailing since, and she believes that it was God’s way to announce her and take her to a better place.

She acted in a raunchy scene on the show which understandably caught everyone’s attention, including his mother. He noted that she refrained from speaking with her mother for a few days, and somehow they have never spoken about that scene.

But the support from her fans has been massive, and she is grateful for that. Perhaps with the “Adulating” show many people would probably not know her today.

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