Londie London On Claims DNA Test Proves Hlubi Is Not The Father Of Her First Child

Reality show star Londie London has reacted to the recent rumours that Hlubi Nkosi is not the father of one of her two children

Londie London had two kids with Hlubi Nkosi in quick succession. Along the line, though, his relationship with Hlubi soon packed up leading fans to wonder what really went wrong between them. The former RHOD housemate would accuse her former partner of not caring for her two kids.

Along the line it was rumoured that her first child does not belong to Hlubi but to the late DJ Sumbody.  A recent post by the Popcorn Room also claimed that a recent DNA result showed that the first child was not Hlubi’s son after all.

The alleged infidelity was reportedly what led to Londie’s failed relationship with Hlubi. He reportedly confiscated the white BMW he gave her and chased her out of his mansion. You can check out the post below.

Reacting to the claim that the DNA test proved that her first child does not belong to Hlubi, she was somewhat dismissive, code-mixing in the following words: “Niyenze nobani leyo DNA???? Where is it ?????”

Well, where is it? We don’t have the records either.

All eyes are on Hlubi Nkosi to see what he would say

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