Londie London’s Ex Hlubi Nkosi On Why He Took Back The BMW X6 He Got Her

It is no longer news that Londie London’s ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi took the white BMW X6 he gave her. South Africans have been curious why he should take the car after the life they shared.

Well, the controversial businessman has just addressed the questions and more on Instagram Live. Taking to the platform, Hlubi made it clear that the car was bought for the two children he had with the singer and reality show star but that she was misusing the car following their breakup.

He claimed that Londie London was not using the car to take care of the children’s needs, which was why he bought it in the first place. Instead, according to him, she was using the car to go “fishing” at clubs – you know, to go look for other men following the collapse of their relationship.

He also noted that she has not maintained the car but had accidents with it a couple of times. He would have none of that so he thought to withdraw the car from her.

For those who might think that he is neglecting his children with Londie, he stoutly denied it, insisting he has not missed a month of payment.

By the way, Hlubi recently bought a new Bentley.

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