Long-Frozen “Zombie Virus” Spook Scientists – Warnings Issued

For a world still contending with the specter of the coronavirus, it appears like salvation is not exactly near. If the research findings of a french scientists team are anything to go by, then, the possibility of another pandemic cannot be ruled out.

A group of French scientists has reportedly revived a “zombie virus” that has been trapped under a frozen lake in Russia for about 50,000 years.

A major culprit here is climate change, which has led to the melting of ice, among other critical charges that have been affecting the planet in one way or the other.

According to the researchers, writing in BioRxiv, the situation would be much more disastrous in the case of plant, animal, or human diseases caused by the revival of an ancient unknown virus.

Jean-Marie Alempic, Audrey Lartigue, Artemiy E Goncharov, Guido Grosse, Jens Strauss, Alexey N. Tikhonov, Alexander N. Fedorov, Olivier Poirot, Matthieu Legendre, Sébastien Santini, and Chantal Abergel are the behind the latest research which, although opens the gates of the past, also shows the problems the world might yet face amid the howls of climate change.

The research has not been peer-reviewed at the time of writing but still holds a mirror on the possibilities in the coming days.

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