Lootlove Remembers Late Brother Luke On His Birthday

Death is inevitable but some deaths cause so much pain they are hard to forget. And some dead created so much warmth when they were alive that they are being remembered years after.

South African media personality Lootlove still has her brother Luke in mind years after his passing. Yesterday 21 December 2021 would have been the kid’s birthday. But fate had another plan.

He may have died, but Luke is still fresh in the heart of Lootlove, and when he would have been a year older yesterday, Lootlove celebrated him in a special way. She compiled slides of them together showing how well they bonded before his death. You can check it out below.

Mzansi celebs and fans alike were in the comment section to celebrate Luke’s life, as well as wish Lootlove more strength amid her grief.

Not all celebs remember family this way. So it is clear that Luke was special to Lootlove and shared a great bond with her when he was alive. Since Luke’s passing, Lootlove has been memorializing him in ways she saw fit, so her latest memorial is nothing surprising.

The mother of two (twins) had recently advised parents to try to have two kids at the same time if they can.

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