Lori Harvey’s Shares Dating Advice For The Modern Woman

Famous model and socialite Lori Harvey has shared dating advice for the modern woman.

Lori Harvey is currently one of the most talked-about people on social media this week. This is a result of her break up with “Snowfall” star Damson Idris, whom she dated for a short while.

Both stars shared a joint statement after unfollowing each other on Instagram and revealed that they had decided to go their separate ways. Harvey began dating Idris after her high-profile breakup with American actor Michael B. Jordan, whom she also dated for a while. She is also in the habit of not sharing details about her relationships with the public.

Lori recently shared dating tips for the modern woman. She said, “Figure out what your non-negotiables are and then don’t ever waiver on them. I feel like oftentimes we as Black women feel like, especially when we get to a certain point in our lives we feel like we need to settle. We just feel like we need to rush to get into something because maybe we want to be married by a certain age, we want to have kids by a certain age, and I think that is not how we should view love at all.”


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