Lost Spark Or No? Minnie Dlamini’s New Video Sparks Debate – Watch

There is no stopping the public having an opinion about one, especially the moment one becomes a celebrity. This is only too obvious to those who care to pay attention.

Well, South African actress and filmmaker is the latest example. The mother of one recently shared a clip of her having her wig installed and joked in the caption that no one should mess with her. Well, it appeared like some netizens were not prepared to listen to her admonition.

The clip divided South Africans along two lines – those who believe that she has lost her spark following her controversial divorce from Wuintone Jones and those who feel she has still got that spark.

According to her supporters, she not only has her spark of old, she is glowing more now than when she was married. Her critics would not buy that claim, though. They believe her old spark is gone. You can check out the clip below.

Minnie Dlamini’s divorce came as a big shock to many South Africans, most of whom were only familiar with the love-dovey side of their relationship. It was claimed that she cheated on him with a wealthy businessman and that led to the divorce. Se denies it to this day.

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