Louisa Zondo, Riky Rick’s Mother, Shares Heartbreaking Details of Son’s Death

Major League DJs' Attempt to Save Riky Rick Revealed

In a poignant revelation, Louisa Zondo, mother of the late South African rapper Riky Rick, has shared the heart-wrenching details of her son’s tragic death. Zondo has penned a book titled ‘Dearest MaRiky – A Mother’s Journey Through Grief, Trauma and Healing’, where she unfolds the events leading up to and following the discovery of her son’s lifeless body in his studio.

Zondo describes the moment she learned of her son’s death, expressing the profound grief and shock that overcame her. She recalls the phone call from Bianca, Riky Rick’s partner, informing her that their son was being rushed to the hospital, a moment that filled her with a glimmer of hope. However, upon her arrival at the hospital, she was met with the devastating news that her son had not survived.

In a touching revelation, Zondo shares that on the day of Riky Rick’s demise, Major League DJs, Bandile and Banele Mbere, along with Riky Rick’s friend Bheki Nkentshane, were present at the scene. They had managed to unlock the studio door and found Riky Rick hanging from a rafter. Despite their desperate attempts to save him, their efforts were in vain.

The Major League DJs, who had maintained a close relationship with Riky Rick through their music, expressed their respect for the fallen rapper by sharing an artwork of him with the caption “Resting” on Twitter. This tragic event has left a significant void in the South African music industry, which has suffered further losses with the deaths of AKA and Costa Titch.

Riky Rick’s death has not only caused immense grief for his family but has also resulted in a significant loss for the South African music industry. His mother’s book serves as a poignant reminder of the personal pain behind public tragedy and the enduring impact of such a loss on those left behind.

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