Love & Hip Hop SA Reunion: Gigi Lamayne Speaks On Shocking Moment With Money BaDoo

South African rapper Gigi Lamyne has given clues into her reaction to the claim by fellow musician Money Badoo that she makes better music than her. She made this known in the recent episode of Love and Hip Hop South Africa.

According to Gigi Lamayne, whose real name is Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, she and Money Badoo were having a good time and all and she was telling Money how much she admires her and her work and then Money Badoo had dropped the bombshell.

She told Gigi Lamayne that she feels she makes better music than Gigi. It was one unexpected and awkward bend in the conversation, and Gigi was thinking maybe she should forgive her jump her or just leave. It was one awkward moment she wished never came.

Will everything remain the same between them? Well, that is unclear at the moment, But then, the two are not strangers to each other. They had, in fact, collaborated previously. Gigi Lamayne had co-opted her alongside Moozlie on “Hang Up On You,” which was part of her album “Mermaids and Stuff.”

By the way, at the time of writing, Money Badoo had not said anything about Gigi Lamayne’s comments.

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