Love Island: Mixed Reactios As Remi Raps On Command

Does Remi suck at rapping? Well, fans of Love Island think so, and they had no qualms sharing their thoughts about that on social media.

Remi Lambert is a newcomer on the reality show. Asked what he does, he identified himself as a rapper and a model. This intrigued the house, so he was asked to spo]it some bars. And that was when things got interesting.

Remi obliged and started spitting the bars. Side eyes and murmurs indicated that no one was actually impressed with his rapping. The conversation spilt to social media, with some Twitter denizens saying they find his rap cringeworthy.

Well, Remi had his supporters still. Some thought he merely had a bad day and therefore didn’t put up something splendid. Some thought he’s still a voice on the way and should be encouraged and not written away.

And yet others thought Remi did a fine job of rapping on command. According to this line of supporters, not everyone can do that.

The multiplicity of opinions notwithstanding, at least, as someone had noted, Remi dared to take up the challenge. What if he had declined to rap when asked? You can check out some of the comments below.

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