Love Island Sa Couple Libho And Thimna Have Gone Their Seperate Ways

“Love Island SA” season 1 winners, Thimna Shooto and Libhonogolethu Geza, are now officially exes.

The couple found love on the reality dating show and have been sailing together until a week ago, even though the pair still appeared to be in a well, happy relationship. Libho and Thimna both went on their respective Instagram accounts to break the news about their breakup.

Even at the point where they had to part ways, they both seemed to have nothing but love and kind words for each other and their year-long relationship.

“We thank each & everyone one of you who support & love us. The past year has been amazing! Our relationship was beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing about it,” wrote Thimna.

In like manner, Libho wrote: “It’s been an amazing journey and I find comfort in the fact that we gave it a full go and held nothing back. I’ve learnt soo much about relationships and myself. I will cherish our time together forever.”

The surprise news of the couple’s breakup has been a trending topic on social media, with fans slowly coming to terms with the new reality. Although some fans questioned the timing of the breakup and even had suggestions that perhaps “Love Island SA” must have needed them to stay in a relationship for a certain period of time.

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