Love Island SA Criticized For ‘Whitewashed’ Cast

Love Island SA gets criticized for the show’s whitewashed cast.

Virtually everyone in Mzansi was excited to watch the premiere of the “Love Island SA” show on Sunday. It wasn’t even surprising that it trended more than reactions to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Level 1 announcement. However, viewers were not impressed by what they saw on the show.

It was criticized for its whitewashed cast. Viewers tweeted their disappointment at its lack of diversity. Sadly, the new M-Net show features only three people of colour including one black girl. It also wasn’t the only thing that was noticed by the viewers. It also had poor production.

There was poor or no sound at several parts of the show. This isn’t the first time M-Net has been criticised for its whitewashed cast. Bachelor SA also drew the same criticisms. Due to the lockdown restrictions, the first season is set in a luxury accommodation instead of the usual scenic island location.

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