Love Island Viewers React to Luca’s Shocked Expression At Ekin-Su and Davide’s Win

It has been said that expectations rarely turn into reality. And that was precisely the case on the reality show Love Island after Ekin-Su and Davide’s win.

The two were announced winners of the ITV2 show, putting an end to a keenly contested affair. Viewers of the reality show weren’t slow in noticing Luca’s puzzled look after Ekin-Su and Davide’s win.

Luca was hoping to win. But victory eluded him and registered his surprise, which was equally in the mind of viewers. They were unimpressed with his reaction, and it led to a meme storm of some sorts, with some Twitter users joking that Luca might as well ask for a vote recount.

Luca, a fishmonger, had finished in second place alongside Gemma Owen, 19. It turned out Gemma was just as unimpressed with not winning the 50k pounds prize money. But unlike Luca, she clapped the decision. And because she did, she was also the subject of ridicule from a section of Twitter.

Davide’s win didn’t surprise his fans, however. The “Italian Stallion” had already charmed fans with his business sense and financial status. And they were more than ready to [pile the votes in his favour and ensure he emerged winner alongside his partner. It’s happened.

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