Love Island’s Jacques O’Neill Lands In Hospital Following Foot-Fracturing Accident

A nasty is something many would rather avoid if they can. But then, as is evident now and again, life has a way of embarrassing people’s expectations. Jacques O’Neill of the reality show Love Island is one bloke who hasn’t been particularly lucky in this regard.

The thespian recently fractured his foot in what has been described as a nasty accident. The impact of the is such that he is now on crutches, with his foot in a walking boot.

In a post to his Story soon after the accident, he shared a picture of him in what appears to be his living room, his injured leg on his coffee table, while his crutches lie about. You can check out the picture below.

In the caption to the post, he noted that he was hoping for a better 2023 but was starting the year with a fractured foot. Well, the public has been showing great support since the image of him nursing his injured foot emerged online.

His injury came at a time he was thought to be rekindling his relationship with Paige. How far the two will go remains unclear. For Jacques O’Neill, though, the focus is on how to get better.

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