“Lover Boy” Romeo Kumalo Performs For His Wife Basetsana On Her Birthday

He may no longer be a teenager, but South African businessman Romeo Humalo is still a loverboy of sorts. At least that is what some of his fans are saying after a clip of his singing for his wife Basetsane popped up online.

Basetsana, a one-time beauty queen, celebrated her birthday recently. Both husband and wife were on the ground for the celebration. There were also other guests who watched on as the couple shared their love.

In the said clip, Romoe was sitting beside his wife and actually playing the role of a Romeo to his Juliet. He sang a love song to Basetsana and did so well that his singing became a topic of conversation online.

To most of those who watched the clip, his vocals were splendid and Romeo himself could have made a good musician. You can check out that moment below and come up with your own opinion/

The birthday celebration was lit and everyone got to enjoy themselves. But Basetsana was more the woman of the moment. It wasn’t just because it was her birthday alone but also because she was made to feel special by the man she is more than happy to identify as her husband.

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