Lucasraps Addresses A-Reece Diss Track & Why He Moved From His R14 Million Crib

Lucasraps was a guest on the 66th episode of the podcast Everything South African Music (ESAM), where he spilt the tea on some facts about his life and music career, other musicians, and so much more.

The rapper, who earlier this year called himself the best rapper in South Africa, addressed his alleged beef with A-Reece. Before his podcast appearance, in an Instagram post in May, he had responded to questions about whether he was beefing fellow rapper A-Reece.

Back then, he had responded that he wasn’t. in fact, he had gone as far as to same that his “homie” makes dope music. However, from the podcast, where he addressed a similar question, it appears like nothing his changed in his take about The Boy Doing Things.

The interview also dwelled on Lucasraps moving from his R14 million mansion. Before now, only a few details were available about the move. But Lucasraps gave more insight into the move.

Lucasraps rarely grants interviews everywhere, but when he speaks, he shares a lot. His ESAM interview revealed little-known aspects of his mindset and life. In that case, anyone who wants to know the rapper on a deeper level should make it a point to check out the video interview below.

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