LucasRaps On Dropping Out Of School To Pursue His Rap Dream

In 2017, he made a great leap of faith ditching his education so he can focus on rap. Years later, is glad he sacrificed his education on the altar of his dreams.

The 20-year-old rapper shared details of his musical journey in a recent chat with the Sowetan.  According to him, it was just one normal day at high school. He was in grade 10 then.

He’d missed eating during a break, and because he was hungry, he decided to eat in class, a decision that provoked his teacher. She threw him out of her class. That was the prelude to the songster ditching school for music.

He told his friends that he was dropping out of school to pursue his dreams, but they laughed at him. He would pop in the office of the school’s deputy principal later to explain his decision to drop out of school.

parents were initially opposed to him dropping out of school to pursue his dreams, but since their son wouldn’t budge, they let him rap as he pleases – a decision they have no regret over.

Today their son is making waves across South and recently clinched a recording deal with Def Jam Africa.

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