Lucasraps Opens Up About “Fallout” With Blxckie

SA Hip Hop star Lucasraps finally speaks about his alleged fallout with Blxckie.

About a minute ago, Blxckie and Lucasraps had one of the best friendships in SA Hip Hop. But we are guessing things change when lives change. Speaking on the BIT90 Podcast, Lucasraps opened up about his friendship with Blxckie and how they stopped talking.

He shared that he doesn’t have beef with him, but he doesn’t understand why they aren’t cool. “How do I put this, I don’t have beef with Blxckie, when I see him, I rock and tap him up. But, like its something I told him, where it was like, yo bro imagine we are ants in a container, right, Im a red ant you are a black ant right, so someone shakes this container and we start getting angry with ourselves like we are enemies because someone shook the container. That’s the best way I can explain it.” he said.

He also revealed he asked Blxckie for a verse on “Ye.” He said he’d think about it and never got back to him. “Today it’s like f*ck, I learnt my lesson, and I went my way, that’s why I have this and I’m at peace right now,”

“I trust he’s at the same peace, but when I left M4, you know I’m not a type of a person to like talk bad about things, but that really did hurt me. I asked Blxckie for a verse on Ye and he said he’s gonna think about it and he’s still thinking about it. So like I mean on some G sh*t I was hurt you feel me, but I also had to learn that sometimes you get punched in the face but you have to get up.”

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