Lucasraps Performs ‘Hotboxin The 45’

Watch Lucasraps’ dope performance on “Hotboxin The 45.”

Lucasraps is a talent that speaks for himself. The famous emcee came up about the same time as Blxckie and owned his space. He has given fans good music and dope Live performances for them to keep riding with him.

The talented emcee recently performed at “Hotboxin The 45.” He started calm and cool and then put it in gear. This will certainly have you screaming. The “Without Me” rapper recently opened up about his friendship with Blxckie, which seems not to exist anymore. He also spoke about some of the things that got to him.

He said, “I trust he’s at the same peace, but when I left M4, you know I’m not a type of a person to like talk bad about things, but that really did hurt me. I asked Blxckie for a verse on Ye and he said he’s gonna think about it and he’s still thinking about it. So like I mean on some G sh*t I was hurt you feel me, but I also had to learn that sometimes you get punched in the face but you have to get up.”

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