“Luckiest Man” Murdah Bongz Ignores Trolls, Steps Out Holding Hands With DJ Zinhle

South African disc jockey and producer Murdah Bongz has just made it apparent again that he does not care one bit what people are saying about his relationship with his wife DJ Zinhle.

Long before he married, her, he had been trolled for being in a relationship with a baby mama – a woman who had a child from her previous relationship and was also older than him. But he appeared indifferent to their trolling and even went ahead to marry her.

The trolling continued into the marriage, with some netizens accusing him of taking care of his half-daughter Kairo more than he does his biological daughter Asante. The most recent trolling came from a Twitter user Joy Zelda, who accused him of looking out for Kairo’s grandmother Lynn Forbes while ignoring his own parents.

Well, from the look of things, the songster is indifferent to the opinions about him and his relationship with his wife and kids – yes, he now takes Kairo Forbes, who was fathered by the late AKA, as his own.

In an Instagram video that seems to be a middle finger at his critics, he shared a picture of him and DJ ZInhle holding hands, describing himself as the luckiest man in the world because he has her.

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