Lusanda And His Mum, Dideka Beja Gets Spiritual On A Powerful Gospel Acapella

Lusanda Beja gets spiritual with his mother, Dideka Beja on a powerful Gospel Acapella

Lusanda Beja and mother Dideka Beka get spiritual as they deliver a powerful Gospel Acapella.

What have you been doing with your time since the lockdown began? It seems some families are all about the music, and they are using it to pass time.

Mzansi Gospel singer, Lusanda Beja is all about worshipping God and we all know that. However, his mom, Dideka Beja is on a whole other level. She must be all the inspiration he needs because she’s quite an amazing worshipper. The talented Gospel star recently shared a video of her getting lost in worship. Ir is definitely the video of the month.

Dideka Beja is seen getting really spiritual. It’s nice to see they aren’t just a family of singers, but also a family of true and heartfelt worshippers. Lusanda has been a whole vibe on social media since the lockdown began. He’s been sharing cool photos of himself, and videos of worship concerts.

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