Lynn Forbes Grieves AKA With Old Messages

Lynn Forbes grieves her late son, AKA with old private messages shared on her Instagram page.

It is hard to get over the loss of a loved one. The Forbes family has been going through the most since the passing of their son and brother, AKA, one of the country’s most prominent Hip Hop artists.

The “Fela In Versace” star died after being shot in Durban in February. It is almost nine months since his passing, and his fans and family still can’t shake off the sting and pain of his death.

His mother, Lynn Forbes, recently took to her Instagram page to mourn him again. She shared an old private message he sent her while he was alive.

He texted his mom around four in the morning, telling her he missed her and was making plans for lunch. She responded hours later, agreeing to lunch. She also said to him that she misses him too.

Lynn captioned the post, “How I wish I could call you when I woke up and tell you how much I would love to have lunch with you today. I miss you so much.”

Fans and family took to the comments section to console her. Check the post out below.

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