Lynn Forbes Opens Up About AKA’s Passing & Kairo’s Reaction, Nadia Nakai Drives To Durban

Lynn Forbes, the mother of the late rapper AKA, continues to give insights into her family’s agony following the brutal murder of the “Fela in Versace” musician, noting that her grandchild and AKA’s daughter Kairo Forbes was devastated when she was informed about his passing.

She recalled telling Kairo that some bad people had hurt AKA and the kid had asked innocently that he hoped her father would still be coming back to them. She was given the sad news and she wept bitterly.

About Nadia Nakai. AKA’s girlfriend at the time of the assassination, Lynn Forbes noted that she wasn’t sure how the songstress got to know about the death but that it must have been through members of AKA’s team. She drove to Durban. It’s unclear exactly how she took the news of the death immediately after she got it.

However, her posts soon after indicated she was terribly hurt by it all and her life lost some of its meaning after. The two had a flourishing relationship at the time AKA was killed, and it was rumoured that AKA was going to propose to her on the 14th. But fate had other plans. He was cut down by a point-blank shot to the head.

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