Lynn Forbes Shars Old family Pic, Mourns Slain Son AKA

The wish of most mothers is to grow old and be buried by their children. They wouldn’t want to be the ones to bury their children, and for good reason. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way people plan or wish.

This has been the reality of Lynn Forbes, the mother of slain South African rapper AKA. Her life had a tragic turn on February 10 last year when her rapper son was murdered on the streets of Durban.

The songster had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road when an assassin popped into the scene and killed him with a point-blank shot to the head.

Of course, it has been hard coming to terms with the reality that her son is no more. So, every opportunity she has, she memorialises him the way she sees fit.

These gestures are often shared online with her fans, as well as fans of her late son, who appears to have taken a keener interest in things relating to him following his death.

Not surprisingly, most of them turned up in her comment section when she posted about her late son, noting that grief lives in the everyday – more like, there is daily pain in the knowledge that he is dead.

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