Mabala Noise And Ambitiouz Entertainment Fire Shots At Each Other

Mabala Noise and Ambitiouz Entertainment go back and forth on Twitter

Mabala Noise and Ambitiouz Entertainment take shots at each other on Twitter.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a new week? For us, it has got to be the twar between two of the biggest record labels in Mzansi, Mabala Noise and Ambitiouz Entertainment who dropped all professionalism and slugged it out on Twitter.

If you missed it, you should know, it was the most hilarious thing ever. The two labels went back and forth fighting about hits, awards and making fun of each other’s names. AE had asked MN the last time they dropped a hit to which they replied with a photo of Yvonne Chaka Chaka standing with her Awards behind her.

AE replied dragging them for changing their logo from a dog to a leopard, to which MN accused them of still being Ambitious after so many years. It was one very entertaining back out forth.

Hows about the fact that after years of presumed constistency you still consider yourselves Ambitious.” – Mabala

How about the audacity you guys have? Calling your label “Mabala Noise” but your music make no noise at all?” – Ambitiouz

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