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Mac G Charges Hip-Hop Artists To Explore Amapiano Since Their Idol Has Done The Same

Amapiano is the in-thing in South Africa at the moment, but it appears there are those who would still not delve into it – musicians from the hip-hop genre. South African podcaster MacG has long realised this, leading to him making comments about it.

In a recent episode of his Podcast and Chill, MacG had wondered why rappers are not delving into amapiano music even when their idol, the American rapper T.I., has delved into the genre. He argues that since their idol has explored the genre, nothing stops them from following suit.

Hip-hop artists getting into piano music has been a subject of great controversy for a while now. While some rappers have delved into the genre and made successes of it, some would not touch the genre no matter what.

In fact, some rappers, including A-Reece, have criticised fellow rappers who delved into amapiano. But the likes of Cassper Nyovest and Reason and even Major League DJz have no qualms exploring the piano genre. In fact, Major League DJz appears more focused on amapiano now, with a mission of taking the genre to the ends of the earth.

It remains to be seen if rappers will take the challenge from MacG.