Mac G Serves Blogger With Letter Of Demand Over “Libelous” Post

Controversial podcast host Mac G has serves a blogger with the Twitter handle @khawula_musa a letter of demand for calling him transphobic.

Mac G had served the letter of demand through his lawyers, who urged the blogger to publish a statement of apology to make up for what it called the libelous statement against the Podcast and Chill With Mac G host.

In the tweet in which the songster supposedly called Mac G transphobic, he had also not that Channel O was discontinuing the airing of Mac G’s podcast on the channel.

@khawula_musa is contemptuous of the statement from Mac G’s lawyers, though. In a follow-up tweet, he had shared what he said was the homophobic tweet he said Mac G had released earlier.

With @khawula_musa not bowing to pressure to apologize and Mac G’s lawyers braying for blood, it remains to be seen what angle the case will take, and if the case should reach the courts, who will win.

Mac G is no stranger to controversies or even public fights; nor is he shy from giving other people names. Not long ago, in a moment of great indiscretion, he had described Boity as a slut. The rapper had stubbornly refused to appear on his podcast before he denounced her.

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