MacG Calls Out Kwesta’s Lack Of Business Sense

Kwesta On The Birth Of Kenya & Club Performances

Podcast host, MacG calls out Kwesta’s lack of business sense as he shares his two cents about the recent Rap Lyf Records drama.

Mzansi has been trying to make sense of all the drama surrounding Rap Lyf Records. It all seems a bit confusing, and MacG gets that right as he shares his two cents on it in the recent episode of “Podcast And Chill”.

The popular podcast become a place where artists air things out. Most of the trending issues in pop culture are addressed on the podcast, and artists get the opportunity to share your own side of the story.

However, in the latest episode, hosts, MacG and Sol Phenduka spoke about drama surrounding JazziQ and Josiah de Disciple, and that of Kwesta and Rap Lyf Records. He revealed his confusion on how Leroy Khoza was getting all the money from Rap Lyf, and questioned Kwesta’s lack of business sense.

Check out the full episode below.