MacG Celebrates Hitting Half A Million Subscribers For Podcast And Chill

Mzansi podcaster, Mac G is celebrating hitting over half-a-million subscriber on his “Podcast And Chill” channel on YouTube.

There is no single doubt that Mac G is winning. Mzansi may not like it, but he is. The talented muso is still counting blessings, despite day-to-day calls for his controversial podcast to be ended.

From bagging new sponsors to actually hitting new numbers, Mac G is here to stay. Taking to social media, he announced that his “Podcast And Chill” channel has hit over half-a-million subscribers on YouTube. Mad! Reacting to it on the post, he wrote, “Wow this is wild”.

He also showed his gratitude to his chillers who he stated that without them, he would have been cancelled long ago. Mac G kicked off his podcast in 2018. Amid so much controversy and backlash, he has continued pushing it and it seems to now be paying off. Congrats to him.

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