MacG Is Podcaster Of The Year

South African media personality has been crowned Podcaster of the Year at the 2021 VN Global Media and Entertainment Awards, and he’s so happy about his win.

Taking to social media soon after, the opinionated host of “Podcast and Chill With MacG” had shared the news of his win with his fans, asking them to join him as he celebrates.

The organizers of the award, according to a report by TimesLive, were particularly pleased with for giving opportunities to other podcasters on his platform.

is easily one of the most controversial podcast hosts in South Africa — if not the most controversial. Unafraid to speak his mind, he had riled many celebs out there, including Boity, whom he dismissed as a slut.

His platform had also riled AKA, as it had been revealed there that he was abusive to her, a claim he rejected.

Because of his strong opinion, trends every other day. And while many in South Africa commends his audacity, some think he’s overdoing things.

recently interviewed radio personality on Podcast and Chill, but Touch was adamant the interview was censored and his story was never fully told. He said he’d still tell his story at another time.

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