MacG Knocks Emtee For Perennially Playing The Victim

Celebrated podcast host MacG has criticised his fellow South African Emtee, noting that the rapper complains way too much and constantly plays the victim.

MacG made this known in a recent episode of his Podcat and Chill. He feels Emtee’s life shows a recurring pattern of playing the victim, which brings unnecessarily negative publicity to him.

The statement was in response to what one of his co-hosts, Ghost Lady noted during the episode – a recollection of what Emtee had said recently. For context, Emtee had noted in a tweet, in response to a fan, that he was facing a crisis of sorts with his voice and may need to go see the doctor.

Below is the tweet that Ghost Lady commented about, which provoked MacG’s reflection on Emtee’s life of alleged victim-playing.

Emtee and MacG are not exactly on the same page, as back in 2021, the “Prayer” chanter had made it clear that he would not appear on the set of MacG’s podcast. He complained that MacG the artists he brings to his platform to perform. Since MacG doesn’t do that, Emtee sees no point in being a part of it.

Well, it remains to be seen how Emtee will react to MacG’s statement.

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