MacG & Londie London’s Ex-Boyfriend Mabonga’s War Heats Up

It appears South African podcast host MacG has found himself in a new season of drama, and how it ends is entirely left to time. How so, though?

Well, it so happens that Londie London’s ex-boyfriend Mabonga has threatened to beat him up. A recent report by Sunday World indicates that the businessman is furious with MacG and would rather that the podcast host never mention his name on his show.

According to Mabonga, he is capable of hitting a person and might hit MacG if he doesn’t stop talking about him on his Podcast and Chill which airs on YouTube every other week.

MacG isn’t taking the threat lightly, according to reports. He’s attempted to open an assault case against Mabonga at a police station in Sandton but was directed elsewhere.

Well, reacting to MacG’s move, Mabonga pointed out that he had no intention of hitting or harming the media personality but just wanted to warn him to stir clear.

MacG isn’t new to controversies and even threats. So, perhaps he isn’t even surprised by Mabonga’s move. What’s unclear right now is what follows after he’s reported the threat made against him by Mabonga whose relationship with Londie ended just recently.

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