MacG Not Contesting For A Seat In Parliament

It has just emerged that contrary to what was initially projected, South African podcast host MacG will not be contesting for a seat in parliament.

The Podcast and Chill boss initially gave the impression that he would be contesting for a seat in parliament when he pointed out that he would be in Branfontein, where he anticipates 1,000 votes that will enable him to run for parliament as an independent candidate.

Well, it turned out that MacG himself isn’t running for parliament. What happened was more of a stunt to drum support for another candidate that he feels will represent him and others well.

To run as an independent candidate, one needs to have 1,000 signatures. MacG got more than that. But he’s gearing his energy toward supporting another independent candidate for the job.

MacG is drumming support for Eugene Khoza as an independent candidate while himself, MacG, will not be running for parliament.

Given how popular he is, especially among the youth, chances are that many of them would vote for his candidate Eugene Khoza. Whether that will translate to victory at the polls for Khoza is unclear at this point, but time will tell.

For now, MacG can only keep up the tempo of his support.

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