MacG On Criticisms And Calls To Cancel Him And Podcast And Chill

MacG On Criticisms And Calls To Cancel Him And Podcast And Chill

Podcast and Chill host MacG is all over the news following his infamous interview with Jub Jub. And the criticisms are pouring in like arrows of rain. He isn’t taking the criticisms lying low though.

For those calling for the show to be canceled, MacG noted that several attempts had been made to cancel the show in the past, but that the sow remains uncancelable.

In a tirade shared, he had even demanded that Amanda du-Pont apologize to him and the show for her statements.

Podcast and Chill is one of the most controversial podcasts in South Africa. It has become (in)famous for its unfiltered content. And because bombs are dropped on the platform without any attempt to disguise them, MacG and the show trend sporadically.

The cause of the most recent controversy that had led to calls to not only cancel Macg but the show he hosts was the interview with Jub Jub during which the “Ndkhokhele (Remake)” hitmaker had detailed his relationship with actress Amanda du-Pont and how he slept with her.

Amanda had countered in a video that he actually raped her, abused her emotionally, and even threatened to kill her. As host of the show, MacG finds himself receiving some of the bullets aimed at Jub Jub over his language.