MacG Recalls Struggling Days And How It Took Him 2 Years To Make His First R90K With Podcast And Chill

People who have come far and accomplished a lot often say it was never an easy ride at the outset. They had to overcome numerous obstacles before getting to where they were. South African podcast host MacG is one man who has had exactly this experience.

He had his fair share of obstacles initially, was unknown, and struggled. But he stuck to his purpose and eventually made it. Now, he’s telling his story and how it began.

MacG runs Podcast and Chill, easily one of the most successful podcasts IN South Africa at the moment. With an impressive fan base of over 970k YouTube followers, the former broadcaster indeed has an audience they can pull in the funds via ads on the video-sharing platform.

Speaking about the early days, he noted that he and his partner Thabang worked for two years without much progress. They had no money. But then they got their first big client and earned R90K after two years of struggles.

But it caused problems among them. 5hey could not agree over the splitting of the money. While he, MacG, wanted the money to be split equally among them, some insisted on having a bigger cut.

But all that is past tense now.

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