MacG Responds To His Supporters Shunning ANC Ahead of Elections

Famous “Podcast And Chill” host MacG reacts as his supporters shun aNC ahead of the elections happening later this month.

We all are excited to see how things will go down during the elections before the end of the month. While political parties have been trying to get the masses on their side, it seems not all of them (esp. ANC) have been successful.

“Podcast And Chill” host MacG and his co-hosts, Sol Phenduka and the Ghost Lady did not see the responses they received from fans coming when they asked about the upcoming general elections. They were shocked to see their supporters reveal that they will be shunning the African National Congress (ANC) at the elections.

During the live show, when MacG asked the crowd how many of them would be voting for the ruling party, only three people raised their hands. There were more raised hands when he asked about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Democratic Alliance (DA).

A clip of the incident has been making rounds on social media. Reacting to It, the podcaster wrote,

“It’s going to be very interesting come 29 May. I heard there will be coalitions, which has never happened before.”

Check the video out below.


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