MacG Slammed For Claiming Tyla’s Numbers Are Manufactured

Podcast And Chill star MacG has been slammed for claiming that Tyla’s streaming numbers are manufactured.

Mzansi singer Tyla is currently the biggest artist out of South Africa right now. Her song “Water” became a massive hit and has received praise from fans all over the world. It also spawned the viral Water Dance Challenge, which is taking over TikTok right now.

While Mzansi is celebrating her success, MacG claimed in a recent episode of his podcast that her numbers are manufactured. X app influencer @ThisIsColbert shared the video with the caption,

“[SHOCKER] “Tyla’s numbers are manufactured. They NOT real.”Controversial YouTuber MacG explains how, & why for free on #PodcastAndChill. Sol has never been this shocked! Does it not make sense? I think NOTA is on to something.”

In it, MacG claimed that he had a conversation with Nota, who stated that it should have been Sho Madjozi amassing this success. According to him, Sho was dating her American videographer, who introduced her to top platforms and helped take her international.

However, they broke up, and he began dating Tyla instead. He allegedly gave her the same opportunities he would have given Sho. MacG also claimed that Tyla’s streams were manufactured by her record label.

Watch the video here.

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