MacG Slams US Podcaster, Joe Budden While Apologising For Ari Lennox Interview

Mzansi media star, has slammed US podcaster, Joe Budden after apologizing for his interview with RnB star, Ari Lennox.

seems to be the only one everyone is talking about following his controversial interview with American RnB star, Ari Lennox. The Mzansi podcast host had queried Lennox blatantly about her sex life, and she was shocked by it.

She later announced that she was done doing interviews. Reacting to the drama, US podcaster, Joe Budden labeled the South African star a “shock jock”. Trust to not let that slide. Appearing as a guest on the Higher Learning Podcast with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, he apologized for his interview with Lennox.

Then, he responded to Budden saying to tell him that he is “not a shock jock dawg”. He continued “I am a broadcaster, I’ve been doing this longer than him”. Well, that’s for you.

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