MacG & Sol Phenduka Scammed Into Traveling For A Spurious Meeting With Tom Cruise

Some Chillers are going through a moment of hilarity – some not quite so – after Sol Phenduka and MacG of Podcast and Chill revealed that they were scammed by a Chiller who claimed he could arrange a meeting between them and the American filmmaker Tom Cruise.

The duo revealed this much in a recent episode (March 21) of their podcast. According to them, someone had reached out to their location manager claiming to be working at the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency.

Besides claiming to be in charge, the said person had also claimed that Tom Cruise would be shooting his Mission Impossible around the area. Next followed non-disclosure agreements. And MacG and Sol were ready to go.

They had travelled to a location where the American was shooting his Mission Impossible back in February only to realize that they had been scammed. The person who had made robust claims about facilitating a meeting with the American was just a big fan of their podcast.

MacG and Sol said they were lucky to be alive as they could have been robbed.

The reactions to the scam have been mixed. While some fans laughed at what transpired and asked how the duo could be misled into thinking it would be easy meeting Tom Cruise.

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