MacG Throws Shade At Moozlie

Podcast host, throws major shade at rapper, Moozlie.

Why do we feel there’s about to be major drama coming out of this? Maybe because there is. Lol. Of course, Mzansi female rapper, Moozlie has been known to shade people in her music (Does Boity ring a bell?). This time, someone else has come for her unprovoked.

The ever-so-opinionated podcast host, threw major shade at the female emcee in a recent episode of his “Podcast And Chill”. The show had featured Frank Casino, who sat with him for a chat. At some point, Mac asked Casino to choose between Nadia Nakai and Moozlie.

He wasted no time and picked Nadia. He explained that he picked her because they’re close friends but didn’t accept the explanation. He went on to state that no one ever picks Moozlie. Ouch! Of course, there will certainly be a reaction from the TV presenter. Oh, this should be good.

Moozlie’s gotta go neh, ah shame. No one ever picks Moozlie hey.”

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