MacG’s Problem With Boity (Video)

If you are wondering why MacG has been trending, you have come to the right place. MacG, never one to duck controversies, has opened a beehive again, with comments about Boity, which many consider derogatory, insulting.

The controversial podcast host has stated in a recent episode of his podcast that the “Wuz Dat” rapper had slept with many men.

When MacG reached a milestone of 199 subscribers on YouTube, he had played host to controversial culture critic and record label executive Nota Baloyi. During this special episode of Podcast and Chill, Chillers, as MacG fans are called, were allowed to ask questions.

A Chiller had asked had Nota, MacG and co-host Sol who they would smash, marry or kill. MacG has no time for Boity. He admitted that he would smash with Thando Thabooty and kill Boity. According to him, “My problem is, everyone has fcked Boity.”

This provoked a furor on social media.

MacG is apparently angry with Boity for snubbing his request to appear on his podcast. He had once shared his frustration when he asked her when she would appear on the podcast but she was evasive.

You may want check out the controversial podcast below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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