MacG’s Revelation On Lamiez Holworthy Divides Mzansi

Podcast host has revealed during a conversation on his Podcast and Chill With MacG that he once dated Khuli Chana’s wife Lamiez Holworthy.

His co-host Sol Phenduka had stated that the dating counted for nothing because did not smash at the time.

MacG did not mind. According to him, Lamiez was too serious for him, so the relationship did not last long. At the time, MacG was merely looking to have fun, but Lamiez was serious with the relationship and wanted to introduce him to her parents.

Unready for that responsibility, he had ended the relationship. would go on to date and marry Khuli Chana, easily one of the most respected voices in South African hip hop today.

By the way, MacG’s revelation provoked mixed reactions. Some users denounced MacG as unreasonable and always embarrassing people on his show for clout.

One angry Twitter user dismissed Podcast and Chill with MacG as a shot show and wondered out if MacG’s thoughts on was even necessary in the first place.

What do you think of MacG’s claims he once dated and the reactions it has elicited? You can share your thoughts below.

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