MacG’s Zola 7 Interview Hitting Cinemas in Durban, Joburg, Cape Town…

Podcast host MacG has interviewed most of the big-name celebs in South Africa’s music orbit, but the host of Podcast and Chill appears to have had his biggest interview yet – with kwaito legend Zola 7.

Recalling the interview, MacG had described it as epic and iconic. To celebrate this career milestone, he’s making sure the interview reaches as many as possible.

Where previously the podcast was uploaded to YouTube, MacG is going farther this time. The podcast will now be available in three cinemas in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, all in South Africa.

The songster released the big news via his Instagram page. According to him, the interview with the celebrated Kwaito figure will now be available in cinemas in collaboration with Ster Kinekor, a South African cinema company founded in 1969. You can check out his post below.

The Ster Kinekor deal is but one of several wins for MacG.

The disc jockey has always known that he would be a success, whatever he sets out to do. This much he boasted to Lady Du during a recent sit-down. Looking back, one just cannot fault his confidence.

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