Macron Snubs Russian COVID-9 Test, Gets Distanced By Putin

French president Emmanuel Macron turned out a dramatist in an unplanned script that played out in the Kremlin recently on a reent visit to the Russian Federation.

The Russians wanted the French statesmen to take Russian COVID-19 test, but Macron reportedly refused, with the French noting they have security concerns with such a test.

The French part expressed their fear of Russian doctors getting their hands on the president’s DNA.

Sources claim that before the meeting Macron was given a choice to either get tested by Russian doctors or observe stringent health protocols, which includes not getting close to Putin.

During the meeting in the Kremlin, it became apparent the frensh leader had opted not to be tested by Russian doctors, and he sat across from Putin in a table measuring approximately 13 feet.

Interestingly, yesterday, Thursday February10, three days after Macron and Putin had their spatially-distanced meeting, the Russian leader welcomed Kazakh president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The two leaders shook hands and sat close together for a meeting.

By the way, although Macron declined the Russian COVID-19 test, sources close to the president noted that he took a French PCR test before departure to the Russian Federation, where he also had an antigen test done by his own doctor.

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