“Made In Africa”, Costa Titch Announces Debut Album Title

Hip hop bod Costa Titch is still coasting in the world of good vibes, and it appears fans will join him real soon: the muso is currently working on his album titled “Made In Africa.”

He announced the imminence of the album in a recent Instagram post, urging his fans to let everyone know. He gave no date for the release of the body of work and no tracklist, too. just a laconic “soon.”

Fans are already excited, with some urging him on his Instagram page to speed up the work and drop the bombs. Based on past releases, it is clear Costa Titch will take his time with the imminent compilation.

The Converse ambassador is not one to cook half-baked works. Having treated us to several quality jams previously, he cannot afford to slip into the gutter. No one would care to go there with him, of course.

On a serious note, we are expecting further announcements from him. When the album drops, we will bring it hot here at UbeToo. So bookmark the site and check back later for updates.

By the way, what do you expect from the album? You may want to share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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