Maglera Doe Boy Shares Why He Is Associated With Pretoria Rap

SA Hip Hop star Maglera Doe Boy opens up about being associated with Pretoria rap.

Maglera Doe Boy has been everywhere. He has worked with the biggest artists and delivered hits to the airwaves. The famous emcee represents Maglera Northwest, but fans know him more for his association with Pretoria rap.

A fan tweeted, “But highly associated nama Rapper ase Pitori… I Can say you are both Rappin Maglera na PTA” in reply to him saying he was from Maglera, to which he responded. He opened up about being associated with Pretoria rap and why.

The “Makazana” rapper agreed he was heavily linked to the Pretoria rap scene because of his relationship and work with artists from there, especially 25k. However, he maintained that he represented Maglera because he was from there. He noted that you could tell from how he speaks, the difference in demographics, flexes, and background story.

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