Maglera Doe Boy’s Reaction To #SAHHA2021 Snub For Lyricist Of The Year Category

SA star Maglera Doe Boy has reacted to be being snubbed in the SAHHAs “Lyricist of the Year” category.

The recent announcement of the nominees for the forthcoming South African Awards 2021 (SAHHAs)  has got everyone talking. While a lot of rappers have voiced their annoyance at not being nominated, others have let their fans do the talking.

Taking to Twitter, popular emcee, Maglera Doe Boy opened up about being snubbed in the “Lyricist of the Year” category. In his opinion, the popular category would have been fitting for him. This comes after the Mzansi emcee has received praise from the fans for his amazing lyricism.

Just yesterday, SA star, Sjava took to his Twitter page to hail him for his talent. Maglera Doe Boy also recently dropped a new album “Two Player (The Digital Score)” which has since received praise from the fans.

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