Major League DJ Reveals Why He Left The SA Hip Hop DJ Whatsapp Group

Major League DJ finally opens up about the why he left the SA Hip Hop DJs WhatsApp group.

A while ago, news broke that a Major League DJ was kicked out of the SA Hip Hop DJs WhatsApp group. While we never heard the full story, everyone just figured that was all we had to know.

In a recent interview with on YFM’s “The Best Drive”, he finally opened up about leaving the group. According to him, he had left the group long before news broke that he’d been kicked out. He also revealed that he didnt want to listen to the SA Hip Hop “politics and all that stuff”.

He went on to state that he had also found out that there was a second group showing clearly that they weren’t wanted. He also opened up on what he believes is SA Hip Hop’s biggest problem.

I wouldn’t say a lot of people needs to find themselves but they need to understand what they’re dealing with. I think we’re too focused on what the Americans are doing, we haven’t found ourselves personally in the hip-hop space.

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