Major League DJz Addresses Claims Of Swearing At Their Driver In Viral Video

South African DJ duo Major League DJz faced severe criticisms recently after they were recorded swearing at their driver. The clip surfaced online and went viral in no time, leading to criticisms from South Africans.

However, in a move that left some South Africans unimpressed, the brother had claimed that they were not actually swearing at their driver but merely joking with a friend when the clip was recorded.

The brothers made their position known in a post that referenced the alleged video of them swearing at their driver. They claimed the said friend had sworn at them first, and they were merely returning the same energy. It had nothing to do with the driver. You can check out their post below.

While their explanation seemingly convinced some of their compatriots, some refused to buy it, thinking that their explanation was nothing more than an attempt to save their asses after being called out for bad behaviour.

Well, it is hard to determine what actually went down on that occasion., The public has made its thoughts known and Major League has done the same – with an explanation. It is up to those following the story to believe whatever. Or what do you think?

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