Major League DJz & AKA Respond To A-Reece Self-proclaiming He Is Africa’s Best Rapper

The controversy continues over Declaiming himself the best rapper in Africa. The songster had taken to a day ago and announced himself the numero uno. 

When he announced that, his core fans more than supported him, giving the post over 30k likes in no time. 

Of course, his critics were also in his mentions, letting him know that he’s the best rapper only in his dreams. Some said he’s only the best among his junkie friends. 

One of the notable voices that had laughed at his claim was Big Xhosa. He said couldn’t possibly be the best while he, Big Xhosa, is alive. 

Now the South African band Major League has joined the fray. And so has Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. 

A fan had asked the “Fela in Versace” rapper about his take on A-Reece’s claim. But AKA wouldn’t be bothered. He instead noted that his daughter’s school fees were due tomorrow. 

Where he appeared to be dodging the question, Major League DJz had a straight answer. In response to A-Reece, they pointed out that Reece Madlisa is the best rapper in Africa. 

One person fans are eagerly anticipating a response from, though, is Nasty C, the closest rival to A-Reece. However, the Zulu Man appears to be minding his business

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